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Instinct: a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking

In today’s modern world, we have lost the access to our natural selves, our instinct.  This has been driven by societal, religious and technological measures put in place to either demonize, illegitimize, or generally disconnect us from nature itself, and thus, our true nature.  Here, in Awaken Your Instinct, we seek to connect with, awaken, and unleash that true nature!

Learn to

  • Identify and freely express your truth

  • Balance your life

  • Be grounded in your body, while connected to the sky

  • Re-emerge as the unleashed truth of who you are

Come play with us!

  • Belly dance – we have fun learning how to belly dance, how to be in charge of and control of our selves and our bodies

  • Coaching – we have group coaching and 1 on 1 coaching to help you move from wanting to do something, to actually doing it, WHILE thriving, too

  • Weekly inspired teachings on a range of topics from how and why to balance your masculine and feminine energies to learning about the power of the belly in society, and how to harness it, to teachings on being present and aware, to emotional health, to healthy living in general.

Awaken Your Instincts™

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