Make sure you hold a meeting with the talent in order to come to a mutual agreement about some crucial elements for your event. These elements can either make it an event of a lifetime or an infamous embarrassment.

Take it from the entertainment pros, we know what we need to make YOU look good, we play a crucial role in your event's success so here are the top 5 cringe-worthy mistakes I've witnessed:

1.  Music  - can't play it, can't hear it, too loud, wrong music is played

2. Costuming - inappropriate for the audience, or not what was expected 

3. No waiting area/backstage for performers so they run into the guests in the bathrooms or hallways while they get ready

4. Improper performance area that leads to injury, and...possibly the end of the show.

5. No clarity on schedule or timing for the entertainment to come out, so they aren't ready when it's time, or they run out of time and have to go to their next show.


So, how do you remedy these things? 

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