Frequently Asked Questions

What is Belly dance? 


It is a dance originating from the middle eastern folkloric dances, adapted for stage shows in the late 20th century, and performed at weddings, celebrations, festivals, hotels and nightclubs in many countries all around the world.  

What kind of belly dance do I do?  I perform primarily Egyptian styles of belly dance.


Why should I try belly dance? 

You should try it out if you are called to it.  There is a beautiful quote by Shemarin Ibrahim that sums it up nicely: “You have heard the call of the wild, something behind your usual horizons is calling you.  Belly dance doesn't call every woman, so if it knocks on your door, I believe it is trying to give you a gift uniquely suitable to you.”

Where can I buy my own belly dance scarf and other accessories/costuming? 

Please check out the Shop Tab under More on this site for links I personally recommend for these items.

How are belly dancing and coaching connected? 

Belly dance is my vehicle through which I’ve experienced accessing and freely expressing my true nature, and it has truly awakened my instincts, and me in so many ways.  Through this experience, I aim to bring you along a similar journey to your own awakening by not only teaching the dance, but applying it to your journey in accessing and freely expressing your very truest nature.

Do you offer 1 on 1 coaching or belly dance instruction? 

YES! Check this out!