Through my belly dancing, I have found a freedom of expression that I never had before.  I want to spread this feeling to as many people as possible so they can feel the same freedom I feel to be who they truly are.  That is why I created this program.

The program is called Awaken Your Instinct, and it is a journey into the part of our selves that has been suppressed by patriarchal ideals for thousands of years.  It is inspired by the 9 stages of Lilith as an archetype, in Tom Jacobs’ book, Lilith, Healing the Wild.  Through accessing this part of ourselves, learning how to express it in a healthy way, and re-entering the world with this new- found freedom, we ultimately become more of who we truly are, expressing that part of ourselves with grace and dignity.  At the end of this program you will be able to freely express your deepest truth with dignity and grace leading to more comfort, ease and joy, and enhanced performance in whatever you do.

We will take time throughout each session to explore what we suppress vs feel comfortable expressing and why, understand the reactions of others when we start to change and how to handle them.  This will lead to the confidence, strength and ability to freely express our truth in a healthy way.  Within each session, you will receive a presentation on the day’s content/topic, learn basic belly dance moves (NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED) related to the topic/content to further integrate the learning, and participate in a discussion, then receive a weekly challenge. We will have a private coaching Facebook group for our group to share challenges and breakthroughs on your weekly challenge, and I will be monitoring and responding to you throughout the week.

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