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Brand New

This is truly a labor of love!

Be one of the first to receive this exclusive empowerment membership for a fraction of the price during my first launch!


This isn't just a workout, dance class, or a confidence-building program. 


This is one of a kind life-upgrade. Reach new levels in your confidence, body self-image and connect like never before to your truth!

The freedom of belly dance will awaken parts of you that have been asleep for years. That feeling of disconnect, being uncomfortable in your own skin, or feeling stuck, doesn't have to be the norm. 
Life isn't supposed to feel shallow, as if you are never allowed to talk about the hard stuff or the things that make you uncomfortable. 
The unsettled self-consciousness that you have felt in your younger years is no longer serving your life and it's time for a change. 
You're now ready to unleash your confidence in a new way.  Out with the old and in with the new! 
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I totally get where you are because I felt this way prior to my discovery of belly dance.  After I unleashed my dancer within, I then combined the belly dance art-form with the personal development I learned over the years and awakened a part of me that I never knew was possible. 
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I've been working privately and doing classes and workshops over the years and it's been such a pleasure seeing the growth and awakenings that have happened with all of my beautiful clients. While doing this work I've always known that I wanted to put together a comprehensive program where I can be a part of your journey step by step and awaken your power within through the use of belly dance and core confidence-building masterclasses.  Plus, I wanted a way for you to be able to mastermind and talk with each other who are on a similar path, to know that you're not alone, and to share your growth. 
This is why I created Awaken Your Instincts, unleash, and empower through the art of belly dance membership! 

What people are saying


She's soft, beautiful and spiritual by nature, and she can frick'n hold your attention with dance!!  My only job that night was to walk around and close the guests' mouth one by one.


"Happy to say within months of coaching with Lileith, I secured a great new job, moved 800 miles back to my hometown, got my marriage on track, my husband employed, and the children survived all of this.  I could not have done this on my own.  Lileith is a Godsend.  It is much too difficult to look at the future when you have an immediate life changing decisions in front of you.  Lileith has a unique gift of empathy and ability to see possibilities that we cannot see on our own.  I am grateful for my life coach Lileith!"


Lileith is a fantastic coach who has helped me tremendously both professionally and personally.  She is extremely caring and understanding and always found ways for me to better myself and to celebrate my progress, even when I didn't think I was making any forward momentum.  She was great at reminding me of commitments and at checking in to see how I was doing and how I was tracking on what I wanted.  She more than anything instilled in me that I could and deserve to be happier, more productive and better employee and person.  I highly recommend her for anyone who knows they need assistance but aren't sure what to do.  Lileith will help you see what you really want to achieve - and ensure you get there


Lileith is a mesmerizing dancer with captivating grace and enchanting beauty.  Her fluidity is stunning and she beams throughout her performance.  Her dedication to her craft does not go unnoticed, her moves are so skillful and very unique, truly a breathtaking performer.  I will attend an event just to see her perform.

What happens when you unleash and say yes...

"I knew I needed a catalyst and guidance for change in a few areas of my life. I feel inherently called to do “the work,” and this felt like a safe and welcoming space to do that in. I got so much more than I bargained for! Lileith and this program changed the course of my life ... 

I gained:
1) More confidence to talk about the hard stuff and effectively communicate during those times (specifically in my partnership at home).

2) Reaching the decision with my partner to start a family!

3) Having the next action step of getting clear with my parents on what my truth really is to deepen our relationship.

I recognized that the movement helped to reinforce the content, although it felt more vulnerable and less natural for me than a discussion about the content and “aha’s”. This improved as the program progressed!  We are now planning on starting a family in the next couple of months and I credit this program with giving me the courage to finally tackle this instinct and desire with my partner!!"

- Heather

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Overcome self-sabotage.

Be a champion over your fears.

Dance into a life you love.

Have more fun.

Change your life now.

It's the time!