When Lileith Polite unlocked the divine femine within her, after years of suppressing it for fear of seeming less powerful, she unleashed an unstoppable authenticity. Only by turning traditional ideals of what power looks like on their head could she realize her true potential. This transformational story conveys the wisdom Lileith offers as both a coach and mentor. She helps people find and freely express their deepest truth with grace and dignity through combining personal coaching and movement for an exponentially more powerful transformation! Her distinct combination of ambition and authenticity, all wrapped up in a radical empathy for others, make Lileith stand out. In her decade+ navigating the corporate world, she learned to build teams and grow individuals using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to empower colleagues to achieve their best selves. In 2014 she became certified in Chackradance (™), which uses movement as a way to unlock the true self. This unconventional coaching method came shortly after she pushed herself to not only learn, but also perform and teach, the art of belly dance. This was a pursuit to truly live out the statement that resonates at her core: “to approach life as if anything is possible.” Lileith’s charisma and calming influence will help you in your journey to living a fulfilling an authentic life.

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