This session is a 1.5 hour highly-interactive and entertaining teambuilding session with a unique experiential learning segment guaranteed to lead to personal breakthrough and closer more honest interpersonal relationships.

For questions or booking information, please contact me at 479-856-1576.

What do You Want?                                                                                                Exercising the Will to Create More Confidence, Clarity and Contentment in Life

1).  Confidence to take command of your life and work
2).  Clarity in decision making
3).  Contentment as you assert yourself WHILE maintaining healthy working and personal relationships

Who would benefit from attending? 
Those who feel:
1).  Trapped or stuck in someone else's way of doing things
2).  Uncertainty about making decisions
3).  Everyone else's needs and wants come before hers
4).  Unable to speak her mind for fear of upsetting others
5).  Difficulty knowing what she wants and speaking up for it

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