See what others are saying about Lileith as a dancer and a coach!

"Happy to say within months of coaching with Lileith, I secured a great new job, moved 800 miles back to my hometown, got my marriage on track, my husband employed, and the children survived all of this.  I could not have done this on my own.  Lileith is a Godsend.  It is much too difficult to look at the future when you have an immediate life changing decisions in front of you.  Lileith has a unique gift of empathy and ability to see possibilities that we cannot see on our own.  I am grateful for my life coach Lileith!"

 Deborah Ann Miller

"She's soft, beautiful and spiritual by nature, and she can frick'n hold your attention with dance!!  My only job that night was to walk around and close the guests' mouth one by one."

-- Theresa King-Thompson, Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer of Talk of the Town NWA

Lileith is a fantastic coach who has helped me tremendously both professionally and personally.  She is extremely caring and understanding and always found ways for me to better myself and to celebrate my progress, even when I didn't think I was making any forward momentum.  She was great at reminding me of commitments and at checking in to see how I was doing and how I was tracking on what I wanted.  She more than anything instilled in me that I could and deserve to be happier, more productive and better employee and person.  I highly recommend her for anyone who knows they need assistance but aren't sure what to do.  Lileith will help you see what you really want to achieve - and ensure you get there.

--Jeff Smith, Senior Insights Manager, Procter & Gamble

"Lileith is a mesmerizing dancer with captivating grace and enchanting beauty.  Her fluidity is stunning and she beams throughout her performance.  Her dedication to her craft does not go unnoticed, her moves are so skillful and very unique, truly a breathtaking performer.  I will attend an event just to see her perform."

--Mackenzie Moon

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